Math for Non-Majors

Math can be challenging, but the rewards are endless.

Mathematics helps teach you problem solving – something you'll find invaluable in almost any field you are studying. It will help you think analytically and more logically. You'll soon discover that beyond any math requirements you may need, adding additional coursework in math will help you success in your program.

Post-graduation, the time you spent studying math will also be rewarded. Employers and graduate programs look for those individuals with the skills that math provides. You immediately become more marketable.

Where do I start?

First, examine the math requirements for your current field of study. Fulfilling these will give you an initial introduction to our program and help you discover what math can offer.

Second, depending on your future career aspirations, we have outlined some course suggestions and guidance for you to consider. We do, however, encourage you to meet with your academic advisor to discuss these options before registering.