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Med Phys

Stevens, JB; Riley, BA; Je, J; Gao, Y; Wang, C; Mowery, YM; Brizel, DM; Yin, F-F; Liu, J-G; Lafata, KJ

BACKGROUND: Delta radiomics is a high-throughput computational technique used to describe quantitative changes in serial, time-series imaging by considering the relative change in radiomic features of images extracted at two distinct time points. Recent work has demonstrated a lack of prognostic… read more about this publication »

Physiological measurement

McErlean, J; Malik, J; Lin, Y-T; Talmon, R; Wu, H-T

Objective.We aimed to fuse the outputs of different electrocardiogram-derived respiration (EDR) algorithms to create one higher quality EDR signal.Methods.We viewed each EDR algorithm as a software sensor that recorded breathing activity from a different vantage point, identified high-quality… read more about this publication »

Numerische Mathematik

Loring, TA; Lu, J; Watson, AB

We consider a generalization of local density of states which is “windowed” with respect to position and energy, called the windowed local density of states (wLDOS). This definition generalizes the usual LDOS in the sense that the usual LDOS is recovered in the limit where the position window… read more about this publication »

Journal of chemical theory and computation

Bierman, J; Li, Y; Lu, J

We propose a state-averaged orbital optimization scheme for improving the accuracy of excited states of the electronic structure Hamiltonian for use on near-term quantum computers. Instead of parameterizing the orbital rotation operator in the conventional fashion as an exponential of an… read more about this publication »

Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B

Feng, Y; Li, L; Liu, JG; Xu, X

We study the existence of weak solutions to the p-Navier-Stokes equations with a symmetric p-Laplacian on bounded domains. We construct a particular Schauder basis in W01, p(Ω) with divergence free constraint and prove existence of weak solutions using the Galerkin approximation via this basis.… read more about this publication »

Bulletin of mathematical biology

Ciocanel, M-V; Ding, L; Mastromatteo, L; Reichheld, S; Cabral, S; Mowry, K; Sandstede, B

Identifying unique parameters for mathematical models describing biological data can be challenging and often impossible. Parameter identifiability for partial differential equations models in cell biology is especially difficult given that many established in vivo measurements of protein dynamics… read more about this publication »

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

Gressman, PT; Pierce, LB; Roos, J; Yung, PL

We provide a simple criterion on a family of functions that implies a square function estimate on Lp for every even integer p ≥ 2. This defines a new type of superorthogonality that is verified by checking a less restrictive criterion than any other type of superorthogonality that is currently… read more about this publication »

Genet Epidemiol

Li, X; Pura, J; Allen, A; Owzar, K; Lu, J; Harms, M; Xie, J

Rare-variants (RVs) genetic association studies enable researchers to uncover the variation in phenotypic traits left unexplained by common variation. Traditional single-variant analysis lacks power; thus, researchers have developed various methods to aggregate the effects of RVs across genomic… read more about this publication »

Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Bryant, R

The local generality of the space of solitons for the Laplacian flow of closed G2-structures is analyzed, and it is shown that the germs of such structures depend, up to diffeomorphism, on 16 functions of 6 variables (in the sense of É. Cartan). The method is to construct a natural exterior… read more about this publication »

Acad Radiol

Nguyen, DL; Shelley Hwang, E; Ryser, MD; Grimm, LJ

RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: To determine the imaging changes and their associated positive predictive value (PPV) for invasive breast cancer in women undergoing active monitoring for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this seven-year follow-up retrospective IRB-exempted cohort… read more about this publication »

Journal of Scientific Computing

Jing, Y; Chen, J; Li, L; Lu, J

Wasserstein–Fisher–Rao (WFR) distance is a family of metrics to gauge the discrepancy of two Radon measures, which takes into account both transportation and weight change. Spherical WFR distance is a projected version of WFR distance for probability measures so that the space of Radon measures… read more about this publication »

IEEE transactions on signal processing : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

Melikechi, O; Dunson, DB

We introduce Cayley transform ellipsoid fitting (CTEF), an algorithm that uses the Cayley transform to fit ellipsoids to noisy data in any dimension. Unlike many ellipsoid fitting methods, CTEF is ellipsoid specific, meaning it always returns elliptic solutions, and can fit arbitrary ellipsoids. It… read more about this publication »

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

Ji, H; Witelski, TP

A lubrication model can be used to describe the dynamics of a weakly volatile viscous fluid layer on a hydrophobic substrate. Thin layers of the fluid are unstable to perturbations and break up into slowly evolving interacting droplets. A reduced-order dynamical system is derived from the… read more about this publication »

Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu

Browning, T; Pierce, LB; Schindler, D

We introduce a new class of generalised quadratic forms over totally real number fields, which is rich enough to capture the arithmetic of arbitrary systems of quadrics over the rational numbers. We explore this connection through a version of the Hardy–Littlewood circle method over number fields. read more about this publication »