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Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

Gressman, PT; Pierce, LB; Roos, J; Yung, PL

We provide a simple criterion on a family of functions that implies a square function estimate on Lp for every even integer p ≥ 2. This defines a new type of superorthogonality that is verified by checking a less restrictive criterion than any other type of superorthogonality that is currently… read more about this publication »

Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Bryant, R

The local generality of the space of solitons for the Laplacian flow of closed G2-structures is analyzed, and it is shown that the germs of such structures depend, up to diffeomorphism, on 16 functions of 6 variables (in the sense of É. Cartan). The method is to construct a natural exterior… read more about this publication »

Journal of Scientific Computing

Jing, Y; Chen, J; Li, L; Lu, J

Wasserstein–Fisher–Rao (WFR) distance is a family of metrics to gauge the discrepancy of two Radon measures, which takes into account both transportation and weight change. Spherical WFR distance is a projected version of WFR distance for probability measures so that the space of Radon measures… read more about this publication »

Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

Topaz, CM; Ning, S; Ciocanel, MV; Bushway, S

Race-based inequity in federal criminal sentencing is widely acknowledged, and yet our understanding of it is far from complete. Inequity may arise from several sources, including direct bias of courtroom actors and structural bias that produces racially disparate impacts. Irrespective of these… read more about this publication »

Journal of Biological Dynamics

Cruikshank, A; Nijhout, HF; Best, J; Reed, M

In volume transmission (or neuromodulation) neurons do not make one-to-one connections to other neurons, but instead simply release neurotransmitter into the extracellular space from numerous varicosities. Many well-known neurotransmitters including serotonin (5HT), dopamine (DA), histamine (HA),… read more about this publication »

Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena

Chapman, SJ; Dallaston, MC; Kalliadasis, S; Trinh, PH; Witelski, TP

We study a prototypical example in nonlinear dynamics where transition to self-similarity in a singular limit is fundamentally changed as a parameter is varied. Here, we focus on the complicated dynamics that occur in a generalised unstable thin-film equation that yields finite-time rupture. A… read more about this publication »

Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis

Xu, J; Li, Y; Yang, H; Dunson, D; Daubechies, I

This paper proposes a novel kernel-based optimization scheme to handle tasks in the analysis, e.g., signal spectral estimation and single-channel source separation of 1D non-stationary oscillatory data. The key insight of our optimization scheme for reconstructing the time-frequency information is… read more about this publication »

Siam Journal on Applied Mathematics

Autry, E; Carter, D; Herschlag, GJ; Hunter, Z; Mattingly, JC

We develop a new Markov chain on graph partitions that makes relatively global moves yet is computationally feasible to be used as the proposal in the Metropolis-Hastings method. Our resulting algorithm is able to sample from a specified measure on partitions or spanning forests. Being able to… read more about this publication »

Med Phys

Wang, Y; Li, X; Konanur, M; Konkel, B; Seyferth, E; Brajer, N; Liu, J-G; Bashir, MR; Lafata, KJ

BACKGROUND: Due to intrinsic differences in data formatting, data structure, and underlying semantic information, the integration of imaging data with clinical data can be non-trivial. Optimal integration requires robust data fusion, that is, the process of integrating multiple data sources to… read more about this publication »

Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis

Kiselev, A; Luo, X

It is well known that vortex patches are wellposed in C1,α if 0 < α< 1 . In this paper, we prove the illposedness of C2 vortex patches. The setup is to consider the vortex patches in Sobolev spaces W2,p where the curvature of the boundary is Lp integrable. In this setting, we show the… read more about this publication »