Concurrent Master's Degree

Concurrent Master's Degree

The Duke Graduate School allows  students enrolled in the Math Ph.D. program to earn a Concurrent Master's Degree.  The requirements for a concurrent Master of Arts (AM, Artium Magister in Latin) degree in Mathematics are:

Any Duke PhD student may earn a concurrent Master's degree in their home department, or in any other department with a Master's program.   (Math does not have a Master's program, and so are not able to award concurrent Master's degrees to non-Math PhD students.)  The first Master's degree is free, but fees apply to subsequent degrees. 

Outside the Department

If you are a Math PhD student interested in earning a Master's degree from another department, please refer to the list of Master's Programs offered by the Graduate School. You may earn a concurrent Master's in any program with an admitting Master's Program. Popular programs for Math PhD's include Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, and Interdisciplinary Data Science. 

If you are interested in earning a concurrent Master's please contact that department's DGS for the requirements. Eligibility should be confirmed by contacting the Graduate School, see the posted Graduate School's guidelines and forms.  Always check-in with the Math DGSA about policies and procedures.

Graduate Certificates

Math PhD students may also pursue a graduate certificate through one of Duke's Certificate Programs. Most of the offered certificate programs are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary which draw upon the unique strengths of Duke’s research institutes and faculty.