Math As Your First Major

Students are assigned an official faculty advisor by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This occurs after you prepare a long-range plan and declare your first major in mathematics through the Pre-major Advising Center. 

First majors are required to meet with their advisors each semester during the registration interval. Students are expected to work together with their advisor to ensure that the program of study is consistent with the student's interests and professional goals.

For Second Majors or Minor

A student who has declared a second major or a minor in mathematics will receive formal advising in the department of their first major. However, second majors and minors or students considering a degree in mathematics may see the Director of Undergraduate Studies for advice on or a referral to an appropriate mathematics faculty member. A second major or minor in mathematics, or a change of major or minor, should be declared in the Office of the Registrar.

To schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean for mathematics, students majoring in math should call Dean Jeff Forbes (919-684-2130).