Jonathan Mattingly, Chair of Mathematics Department

The work of James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics Jonathan Mattingly appeared in numerous media outlets this fall — including this News & Observer... read more »

Beautiful Math with Shan Shan

  Researcher Shan Shan discussed how math informs the beauty of the world. She's exploring lemur evolution through the topography of their teeth and using the Duke Compute Cluster to do the heavy lifting. Minute Marvels are really short videos... read more »

Ingrid Daubechies

The Flatiron Institute, an internal research division of the Simons Foundation, is a community of scientists whose mission is to advance scientific research through modern computational methods including data analysis, theory, modeling and... read more »

Ingrid Daubechies

Duke Mathematics professor Ingrid Daubechies was one of nine to be awarded an honorary degree from Harvard University. One of the world’s leading mathematicians, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, a... read more »

Blue Devil of the Week:  Matt Junge

Blue Devil of the Week:  Helping People Unlock Math's Mysteries Name: Matthew JungeTitle:    Research Assistant Professor, Duke Department of MathematicsYears at Duke: 3 What he does at Duke... read more »

Ingrid Daubechies

Duke Math Faculty Ingrid Daubechies was interviewed by Forbes Magazine, resulting in the article "... read more »

Tori Akin

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Mathematics Tori Akin has been named one of the most innovative professors of 2019 by the education and training services company Arist for her approach to... read more »

ICM Winners

The team of Duke University students Vinit Ranjan, Junmo Ryang and Albert Xue was designated Outstanding in the 2019 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) for their submission ... read more »

Joseph Rabinoff

Incoming faculty member Joseph Rabinoff, along with his colleagues Omid Amini, Matt Baker and Erwan Brugallé, were awarded "Best Article" by Research in the Mathematical Sciences (RiMS) for their paper, "Lifting harmonic morphisms I: metrized... read more »