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Four new assistant professors in the Duke Department of Mathematics represent a great stride toward the future of math, Department Chair and Phillip Griffiths Professor of Mathematics Robert Bryant says. “For all four of these new people, computation has fundamentally changed their approach to problems,” he says. “They are exploring areas that were simply out of reach in the past.” The hires also reflect Math’s participation and support of Duke’s commitment to the Center for Computational Thinking. Duke’s vision is to… read more about Four New Faculty Members Represent a ‘New Wave’ of Computational Thinking in Math »

Sven Hirsch and Langxuan Su have won the 2023 Rudin Prize for Outstanding PhD Dissertation from the Duke Mathematics Department. The award was established in 2020 is in honor of Mary Ellen Rudin and Walter Rudin. Mary Rudin taught in the Duke Mathematics Department and went onto further positions at the University of Rochester and the University of Wisconsin. Walter Rudin received his BA and PhD from Duke in Mathematics; his classic textbooks on analysis have been very influential for many generations of mathematicians.… read more about Hirsch and Su win 2023 Rudin Prize »

“Middle school girls are a lot smarter than we give them credit for,” said Mathematics major Clara Henne. “We really shouldn’t underestimate them.” Henne learned that lesson by volunteering as a mentor with Girls Exploring Math (GEM), a Bass Connections project that offers free math enrichment workshops each Saturday at Gross Hall to girls who attend Durham Public Schools (DPS). In addition to math problems, the workshops include interactive discussions about why women occupy a disproportionately low percentage in STEM… read more about How Trinity Faculty and Students Are Sharing Resources in Support of Durham Public Schools »

Three undergraduate students who found an engaging intellectual topic and worked with Duke faculty to conduct original research that advances knowledge in that field were honored with Faculty Scholar Awards, the highest honor bestowed by university faculty on undergraduates. The award was established to highlight students with an exceptional record of independent research and scholarship and who show promise of a scholarly career. Marcos Hirai Catao is recognized for the study of the relationship between… read more about Three Students Honored as Faculty Scholars  »

Jianfeng Lu, professor of Mathematics at Duke, was recently awarded the 2023 Feng Kang Prize, which recognizes young Chinese scientists domestically and internationally who have made noteworthy contributions in the wide-ranging field of scientific computing. Lu is an applied mathematician who specializes in developing mathematical analysis and algorithms to address problems in computational physics, theoretical chemistry, materials science, and other related fields. His research primarily centers around electronic… read more about Duke Mathematics Professor Wins 2023 Feng Kang Prize in Scientific Computing »

Amid questions about its methodology and impact, US News and World Report released its annual rankings of graduate and professional programs Tuesday, with many Duke schools and departments scoring high. The schools of law and medicine chose not to participate in the US News survey this year, expressing reservations about the value and validity of the rankings and their influence on education decisions. US News has indefinitely delayed publication of the rankings in those fields. Of the participating schools, the School… read more about Duke Graduate, Professional Programs Score High in US News Rankings »

Four faculty from Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and three alumni have been named to this year’s cohort of Guggenheim Fellows. The honorees for 2023 include German Studies Professor Stefani Engelstein, Professor Lillian B. Pierce of Mathematics, Religious Studies Professor Leela Prasad, and Professor of Physics Christopher Walter. Duke alumni Lucy Corin, Jon-Sesrie Goff and Jennifer Graber were also recognized. Now in its 98th year, the Guggenheim Fellowships recognize exceptional mid-career scholars and… read more about Four Trinity Faculty and Three Alums Named 2023 Guggenheim Fellows »

On the morning I visited Rann Bar-On’s Math 106 class, the first thing that struck me was the layout of the room. The desks were arranged in squares, with two to five students clustered around each. The students faced inwards, an arrangement that encouraged them to engage with each other, rather than watch their professor. Bar-On wouldn’t have it any other way. A senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics specializing in early undergraduate math education, Bar-On has been teaching Duke’s introductory first year… read more about Calculus Classes Dismantle Barriers to STEM Success »

Duke Math is excited to announce three new assistant professors and nine assistant research professors starting July 1. Assistant Professors: Alexander Dunlap  Stochastic partial differential equations, random geometry, theoretical data science Courant Institute of the Mathematical Sciences Di Fang Theory of quantum computation Simons Quantum Postdoctoral Fellow  University of California, Berkeley Fan Wei  Combinatorics, graph theory, and applications to theoretical computer science Princeton University… read more about Duke Math Announces New Hires for Upcoming Academic Year »

For Duke math, science and engineering professors, Pi Day presents a special opportunity to talk about their favorite equations and mathematical uses of Pi. Here's three examples from previous years showcasing Duke faculty why this irrational number is essential to making the world around us seem more rational.   Jonathan Mattingly and other math professors share what Pi means to them. (2019) Ingrid Daubechies, the James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke,… read more about Celebrating Pi Day with Duke Mathematicians »

Susan Athey, T’ 91, has been elected president of the American Economic Association. Athey, a triple Economics/Mathematics/Computer Science alumna and professor of economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business will serve for the 2023 year.   The American Economic Association (AEA) is a professional organization of economists that aims to promote excellence in the field of economics. The association has a wide range of initiatives and programs that serve its members and advance the discipline of economics.  Athey is… read more about Duke Economics Alumna Elected President of the American Economic Association »

DURHAM, N.C. -- On a chilly Friday afternoon in December, some twenty sixth-graders at Durham’s Central Park School for Children huddled together in groups of four, trying to unsnarl pairs of tangled ropes. While each person kept hold of one end, they ducked under each other’s arms and changed places in various ways in what looked like a square dance. Their task was to disentangle the ropes using only two moves. They could either do something called a twist: One student lifts the rope in her hand while another student… read more about Duke Math Department Helps Durham Kids Learn to Think like Mathematicians »

DURHAM, N.C. — First it was Alpha. Then Delta. Now Omicron and its alphabet soup of subvariants. In the three years since the coronavirus pandemic started, every few months or so a new strain seems to go around, only to be outdone by the next one. If the constant rise and fall of new coronavirus variants has left you feeling dizzy, you’re not alone. But where most people see a pandemic roller coaster, one Duke team sees a mathematical pattern. In a new study, a group of students led by Duke mathematician Rick Durrett … read more about Modeling the COVID 19 Roller Coaster »

One Duke alumna and a Duke senior have been named in the inaugural class of Quad Fellows, a new scholarship that provides funding for graduate research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  This scholarship is supported by the governments of the United States, India, Australia, and Japan.  Alumna Raahina Malik, and current senior Jenny Huang will be a part of a cohort of 100 masters and doctoral STEM students studying in the United States. The fellowship develops a network of science and technology… read more about Alumna, Senior Selected for New Quad Fellowship in STEM Fields »

With its talks, panels and social activities, the GROW 2022: Graduate Research Opportunities for Women conference encouraged more women (cisgender, transgender or woman-identified) and nonbinary undergraduates to apply to graduate school in mathematics. Following the three-day event, held in late October at Duke University, 89 percent of the undergraduate attendees said they are more likely or very likely to attend math grad school. That’s up from 72 percent before the conference. Now in its eight year, GROW… read more about Duke Hosts Successful GROW Conference »

A research paper resulting from an undergraduate project that looked at mathematical questions arising from the COVID epidemic has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The paper, “Selective Sweeps in SARS-CoV-2 Variant Competition,” is scheduled for publication later this month. The paper was created as part of DOmath 2022, the annual summer program for collaborative student research in all areas of mathematics. The COVID project team and authors of the research paper was… read more about Paper from Undergrad Research Project Selected for PNAS Publication »

DURHAM, N.C. – Two Duke University seniors were among the recipients selected this weekend for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Qi Xuan Khoo and Shreyas Hallur were chosen from among many applicants from colleges and universities. Hallur received one of the 32 scholarships available to students from the United States, while Khoo won the only scholarship available to Malaysian citizens. The scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford in England. Recipients are selected… read more about Two Duke Seniors Win Rhodes Scholarships »

Duke Mathematics Professors Kirsten Graham Wickelgren and Jianfeng Lu were named 2023 Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2023. The honor is presented to those for their outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics. Wickelgren was cited for her contributions to algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, and number theory. Lu was recognized for his contributions to applied mathematics, electronic structure theory, and high dimensional… read more about Two Math Professors Named Fellows of AMS »