Faculty Honors & Awards

Below is a listing of faculty honors and awards.


ADUTA Undergraduate Teaching Award - Duke Alumni Association award honoring faculty who exemplify the ideals of teaching excellence and public-spiritedness.

  • Lewis Blake 2014

ADVANCE Fellow - Awarded by the National Science Foundation to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers.

  • Anita Layton 2005

American Academy of Arts and Sciences - Fellow - Recognizing leaders in academic, business and government sectors to address critical challenges facing our society.

  • Robert Bryant 2002
  • Richard Durrett 2002
  • Ingrid Daubechies 1993

American Association for the Advancement of Science - Fellow - Recognizing scientists whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications are scientifically or socially distinguished.

  • Robert Calderbank 2012
  • Ingrid Daubechies 2011
  • Richard Durrett 2008
  • David A. Smith 1997

American Mathematical Society - Centenial Fellow - These fellowships recognize excellence in mathematical research.

  • Richard Hain 1987
  • Richard Durrett 1984

American Mathematical Society - Fellows - The Fellows of the American Mathematical Society program recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics.

  • Lenhard Ng 2019
  • Jian-Guo Liu 2017
  • Jonathan Mattingly 2015
  • J. Thomas Beale 2013
  • Hubert L. Bray 2013
  • Robert Bryant 2013
  • Robert Calderbank 2013
  • Ingrid Daubechies 2013
  • Richard Hain 2013
  • Richard Durrett 2013
  • Ezra Miller 2013
  • Arlie O. Petters 2013
  • Michael C. Reed 2013
  • Leslie Saper 2013
  • David A. Smith 2013
  • Mark Stern 2013

Association for Women in Mathematics - Sadosky Research Prize - This award highlights exceptional research in analysis by a woman early in her career.

  • Lillian Pierce 2018

Blackwell-Tapia Prize - Awarded to a mathematical scientist who has contributed significantly to his or her field of expertise, and who has served as a role model for mathematical scientists and students from under-represented minority groups or contributed in other significant ways to the addressing of the problem of the under-representation of minorities in mathematics.

  • Arlie Petters 2002

National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career (CAREER) Development Award - The National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.

  • Lillian Pierce 2017
  • Jianfeng Lu 2015
  • James Nolen 2014
  • Samit Dasgupta 2010
  • Lenhard Ng 2009
  • Jonathan Mattingly 2005
  • Ezra Miller 2005
  • Thomas Witelski 2003
  • Arlie Petters 1998


  • David A. Smith 1991
  • Lawrence C. Moore 1991

Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize - Awarded for a mathematical monograph of an expository nature presenting the latest developments in an active area of research in Mathematics, in which the author has made important contributions.

  • Jayce Getz 2011

Benjamin Franklin Medal - Awarded by The Franklin Institute to recognize and promote excellence in science, technology and industry.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2011

Guggenheim Fellow - Fellowships are awarded to provide scientists with as much creative freedom for their research.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2010
  • Xin Zhou 1999
  • Richard Durrett 1988

IMA Prize in Mathematics and Applications -  Awarded an individual who has made a transformative impact on the mathematical sciences and their applications.

  • Jianfeng Lu 2017

IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal - Awarded to an individual for exceptional contributions to information sciences, systems and technology.

  • Robert Calderbank 2005

Institute of Mathematical Statistics - Fellow - Fellows have demonstrated distinction in research in statistics or probability, by publication of independent work of merit.

  • Sayan Mukherjee 2018
  • Jonathan Mattingly 2012
  • Richard Durrett 1981

National Academy of Engineering - Election to membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations. 

  • Robert Calderbank 2005
  • Ingrid Daubechies 2015

National Academy of Sciences - Election to membership in the NAS is considered one of the highest honors that a scientist can receive

  • Ingrid Daubechies 1998 and NAS Award in Mathematics 2000
  • Robert Bryant 2007
  • Richard Durrett 2007

NAS Award in Mathematics - Awarded for excellence of research in the mathematical sciences published within the past ten years. Established by the American Mathematical Society in Commemoration of its Centennial.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2000

NAS African American History Program

Nemmers Prize in Mathematics - The Frederic Esser Nemmers Prize in Mathematics is awarded for achievement and work of lasting significance in the field of mathematics. In particular, the prize recognizes major contributions to new knowledge or the development of significant new modes of analysis.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2012

Okawa Prize - The Okawa Prize is intended to pay tribute to and make public recognition of persons who have made outstanding contributions to the research,technological development and business in the information and telecommunications fields, internationally.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2011

Polya Prize - The George Pólya Prize is given every two years, alternately in two categories: (1) for a notable application of combinatorial theory; (2) for a notable contribution in another area of interest to George Pólya such as approximation theory, complex analysis, number theory, orthogonal polynomials, probability theory, or mathematical discovery and learning.

  • Xin Zhou 1998

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers - the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on scientists and engineers beginning independent careers.

  • Lillian Pierce 2019
  • Jonathan Mattingly 2006

Presidential Young Investigator - Awarded by the National Science Foundation and the United States Federal Government

  • Mark Stern 1989
  • Leslie Saper 1989
  • Robert Bryant 1984

Shannon Award Fellows - The Claude E. Shannon Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society has been institued to honor consistent and profound contributions to the field of information theory.

  • Robert Calderbank 2014

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Fellows - The SIAM Fellows program recognizes scientists as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline.

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2009

Simons Fellows - The Simons Society of Fellows to support a research sabbatical year.

  • Lenhard Ng 2015

Simons MATH+X Investigator - The program is designed to encourage novel collaborations between mathematics and other fields in science or engineering by providing funds to professors at U.S. and Canadian universities to establish programs at the interface between mathematics and other fields of science or engineering..

  • Ingrid Daubechies 2016

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellows - The Sloan Research Fellowships seek to stimulate fundamental research by early-career scientists and scholars of outstanding promise.  These two-year fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field.

  • Xiuyuan Cheng 2019
  • Lillian Pierce 2018
  • Jianfeng Lu 2013
  • Samit Dasgupta 2009
  • Jonathan Mattingly 2005
  • Hubert L. Bray 2001
  • Thomas Witelski 2000
  • Paul Aspinwall 1999
  • Arlie Petters 1998
  • Mark Stern 1990
  • Leslie Saper 1989
  • John Harer 1986
  • Robert Bryant 1982
  • Rick Durrett 1981
  • J Thomas Beale 1978