Independent Study

An independent study course offers you the opportunity for advanced study in an area of mathematics not usually covered in a regular course. Students can conduct two types of independent study with the department:

The 400-level courses are for seniors; the 300-level courses are for first-year through juniors.  A final digit of 2 or 4 (as opposed to 1 or 3) denotes the second term of an independent study on the same topic.

Supervising an independent study is a significant commitment for a faculty member, and no faculty member is obligated to agree to supervise an independent study. If you wish to register for an independent study course, you must first make arrangements with a faculty member with expertise in the desired area of study.

Note: It is expected that you spend at least 12 hours per week including meetings on the independent study project over the course of a 15 week term, or at least 180 hours. You cannot obtain independent study credit for a course that is offered regularly or that duplicates an offereing in that semester. Independent study in the math department is not generally eligible for writing code (W) designation.