Peer Tutoring

The Academic Resource Center's Peer Tutoring Program (PTP) offers up to twelve hours of free tutoring each semester to Duke undergraduates who are in enrolled in select introductory-level courses. Students meet with a tutor weekly in a convenient public location on campus (e.g. an empty classroom, the library, or a dorm common area). PTP tutors are students like you – they understand your challenges and they are eager to share what they know to help you learn. All tutors receive on-going training, both in best current tutoring practices and on tutoring strategies relevant to their discipline. Peer tutors hired by the PTP have been highly successful in the courses they tutor.

Supported Math Courses

MATH 105L Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
MATH 106L Laboratory Calculus and Functions II
MATH 111L Laboratory Calculus I
MATH 112L Laboratory Calculus II
MATH 122L One Variable Calculus
MATH 202 Multivariable Calculus for Economics
MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 216 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations