Department Leadership

Director of Diversity and Inclusion:  Adam Levine
  • Facilitate departmental discussions about diversity and inclusion
Ombudsperson:  Robert Bryant
  • Dedicated, neutral conduit through which comments/concerns about departmental culture, atmosphere and behavior can be communicated to department officers and/or deans
  • Hold open discussion about departmental community and atmosphere once a term
Outreach and Public Lectures:  Heekyoung Hahn 
  • Organize PLUM (Public Lectures Unveiling Math) lectures and related public outreach activities
  • Help the undergraduates organize the Math Union and related STEM organizations
Alumni liaison/External Relations:  Ingrid Daubechies, Sayan Mukherjee
  • Interface with Duke Alumni Association (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Plan talks by alumni for undergraduates and graduate students
  • Be department connection to planned Internship coordinator
  • Connect with a math alumni advisory board organized with the help of the Duke Alumni Association
Director Undergraduate Research and Prizes:  Lenny Ng
Assoc. Director: Heekyoung Hahn
  • Organize PRUV (Program for Research for Undergraduates)
  • Organize DOmath
  • Facilitate Senior Thesis matching
  • Oversee choosing Graduation with Distinction/Prizes
Distinguished Lectures and Department Colloquium:  Lillian Pierce, Jianfeng Lu
  • Serve on Gergen Committee
  • Organize departmental colloquia, 1­3 per term (Possibly as part of a regular seminar series but targeted to general audience)
  • Recruit hosts to organize visits
Director of Postdoctoral Training:  Jim Nolen
  • Organize grant writing and professional development activities for the ARPs
  • Facilitate the postdocs developing community
  • Serve as a liaison between the ARPs and department
  • Match ARPs and faculty mentors, and ensure ARPs are well ­mentored within the department
  • Coordinate teaching evaluation of each ARP and review results
Liaison to Masters Programs:  Tom Witelski
  • Serve as a point of contact for the Master of Data Science, Statistics, Econ and other programs
  • Identify ways in which math offerings don’t serve this community
Liaison to MA Teaching Program:  Ezra Miller