Requesting an Account

A Duke NetID account is required for access to the Mathematics Department computer systems.  A NetID account is usually provided with employment with or admission to Duke University.  If you need a visitor account or an account for collaboration, please request that  your host or collaborator sponsor your account through Duke's Sponsored Accounts page. 

Once you have a valid NetID, you may request access to the Mathematics Department computer systems through our Secure Online Account Application.

Note that only Duke Mathematics Department members, visitors, collaborators, and Duke Mathematics First Majors are eligible for mathematics computing accounts.

Reporting a Problem or Making a Request

To report a problem or make a request, email

Seminar and Class Video Archives

The Mathematics Department hosts a video archive of seminars, lectures, classes, and other instructional videos by Duke Faculty, Graduate Students, Visiting Scholars, and Guest Speakers.  Click through to the Mathematics Video Archive.

Department Computing Documentation

For information about computing policies, resources, and services that we provide, please see the Mathematics Intranet Site.

Useful Duke Sites and Resources

Duke IT Status

Up-to-date system downtime or outages around campus for eveything from WiFi to Zoom.

Account Self-Service Change your password, setup Multi-Factor Authentication, forward your Duke email, or Manage your campus directory listing.
Duke VPN Connect to campus only resources, such as journal subscriptions, HR sites, and library resource through the Virtual Private Network from off campus.
Duke Virtual Machines

Virtual Computing Manager is a service providing the Duke community with easy access to virtual software packages, and semester-long virtual machine (VM) reservations. Access specialized software without installing it on your own computer, host your own server for development projects and coursework, or customize your own environment to use for the semester.