Help Rooms

The Math Department operates several Help Rooms to provide assistance to students in first-year courses. Students are invited to drop by the Help Rooms whenever they are open. No appointment is necessary.

Who Staffs the Help Rooms?

All teachers and lab assistants in MATH 105L/106L Laboratory Calculus & Functions I and II, MATH 111L/112L Laboratory Calculus I and II, and MATH 122L Introductory Calculus II with Applications participate in the "L" Help Room.

The MATH 202/212 Help Room and MATH 221/218 Help Room are staffed by tutors hired by the Math Department.

If you are a Duke student and you are interested in becoming a tutor, please learn more about our application process.

Help Room Feedback

Do you have feedback for the Mathematics Department about any of the Help Rooms?  If so, please use the form at the link below. Your thoughtful and constructive comments will be much appreciated.

Feedback Form for all Help Rooms

Spring 2021 Help Rooms Schedule

The Help Rooms will begin on Sunday January 24.  The last day of operation of the "L" Help Room and the Math 202/212 Help Room will be Thursday April 22.  The (tentative) last day of operation for the Math 221/218 Help Room will be Thursday April 29.  Exception dates are listed below:

  • Tue Mar 9 -- Wed Mar 10;
  • Mon Apr 12, for Wellness Day.

End Of Term:  Check back here for updates!

Severe Weather Policy :  On campus Help Room operations are always cancelled while the Severe Weather Policy is activated (this does not apply to Help Rooms operating through Zoom).  Additionally, if the ending of the Policy leaves two hours or less of Help Room operations that day, those remaining Help Room hours are also cancelled.  Further cancellations might be made by announcement.

Online Operations:  While Duke classes are being taught remotely, we are planning to run the Help Rooms through open video conference meetings through Zoom.  Information on those operations will be found in the tables below, including the slightly updated schedule, and links to video conference meetings with each staffer.

Location: Zoom video conferencing (links in names; email prefixes in parentheses).

Time: 7-10 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). All times Eastern.


Emma Mehlhop (emm89)

Vivian Su (

Louis Hu (

Emma Mehlhop (emm89) (10a-1p)

Louis Hu (

Fayfay Ning (fn28)

Vivian Su ( (9a-12p)

Chavez Cheong (cc592)

Angikar Ghosal (angikar.ghosal) (3-6p)

Location: Zoom video conferencing (links in names; email prefixes in parentheses).

Time: 7-10 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). All times Eastern.

Monday Thursday

May Mei (zm45)

Daniel Hwang (daniel.hwang) (3-6pm)

Aram Lindroth (aram.lindroth)

Fayfay Ning (fn28)

Parinay Gupta (pg150)

Emily Kim (

Location: Zoom video conferencing (links in names; email prefixes in parentheses).


Holden Lee (hl376)

4 - 6pm EST

Gabe Earle (gje4)

8 - 10am EST
4 - 6:30pm EST


Operational Policies

  • The Fire Marshal limit on attendance in Classroom 132 is 20. It is rare to have that many students in the room at once, but if attendance is at that level when you arrive, you might have to wait. Help Room staffers are asked to make sure that the number of people in the room stays within the required limits. When the Help Room is that busy, we ask that students stay only if they have immediate questions. If you are working on your homework and concerned that you might have a question later, please let students with more immediate questions have access to the room first.
  • Please do not take chairs from nearby rooms. There should already be sufficient seating in the Help Room, which meets the Fire Marshal limit.

Summer Terms Tutoring Schedule

The summer term Help Room is available to students in all summer math courses. The Help Room is open for several hours a day, Monday through Friday, and is staffed by course assistants. Please check the complete Summer Help Room schedules, below, for specific hours and dates of operation. Be sure to check the dates to confirm that these pages have been updated for the current summer!

Hour Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


our Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday