Professional Development

"Professional Development" covers a broad range of skills and topics that can better prepare you to be more knowledgeable and successful in work.  Development activities are generally aimed at helping students, postdocs and junior faculty learn about how to navigate through challenges for careers in academia, industry and government -- applying for positions/programs, writing, communications, collaboration, mentoring, networking, and understanding best practices for workplace behavior.

Many resources on advice and guidance are available, for example: A Mathematician’s Survival Guide: Graduate School and Early Career Development (early career) and The Survival of a Mathematician: From Tenure-Track to Emeritus (later career) by Steven Krantz. And steady streams of new guidance for mathematics are published in the "Early Career" columns of the Notices of the AMS and the "Careers" articles in the SIAM News and at the BIG Math Network and the Erdos Institute.

Upcoming departmental professional development activities will be posted at the seminar series webpage.

This page links to various resources for math graduate student career paths, both during and after their degree.