Topics in Mathematical Analysis

MATH 290-1

Co-Instructors: Tarek Elgindi, James Nolen, Hongkai Zhao

This special-topics course will introduce students to important and fascinating topics in mathematical analysis that have played a fundamental role in many applications. This semester, the course will focus on Fourier analysis and its application to partial differential equations (PDEs) and to imaging. The course will be divided into three

modules: (1) Fourier series and analysis (2) PDEs for diffusion and reaction (3) application to Computed Tomography (CT). Prior experience with analysis or differential equations or imaging is not required. The course is designed to build student literacy in mathematics and to expose students to salient ideas before they have taken more advanced analysis courses. Topics in each module are given below. Prerequisites:

MATH 221 or MATH 218 (linear algebra).

The selected topics will vary from year to year, depending on the instructors.
Fourier analysis
Typically Offered
Spring Only