Do math Summer Collaborative Research in Math

DOmath (Duke Opportunities in Mathematics) is a program for collaborative student research in all areas of mathematics. The program consists of groups of 2-4 undergraduate students working together during the summer for eight weeks on a single project, and is open to all Duke undergraduates. Each team is led by a faculty mentor assisted by a graduate student. There are social activities as well during the summer, some with students from other research programs such as PRUV. After the program students are strongly encouraged to present their work at Duke's Visible Thinking Research Symposium in April. This program is intended to complement our current PRUV program, which is aimed at facilitating research by individual students (usually rising seniors) under the mentorship of a faculty member.

If you are interested in participating in the program in the future and want to receive updates on the application process, please subscribe to the mailing list by clicking here: (you can unsubscribe through the same link). For questions about DOmath, please email Lenhard Ng ( or Heekyoung Hahn (

DOmath is supported by the Department of Mathematics at Duke, the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke (iiD), and Duke's Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.