Number Theory Seminar

On the residually indistinguishable case of Ribet’s lemma

Speaker(s): Rafah Hajjar Munoz (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Mathematics)
Ribet’s method describes a way to construct a certain extension of fields from the existence of a suitable modular form. To do so, we consider the Galois representation of an appropriate cuspform, which gives rise to a cohomology class that cuts out our desired extension. The process of obtaining a cohomology class from such a representation is usually known as Ribet’s lemma. Several generalizations of this lemma have been stated and proved during the last decades, but the vast majority of them makes the assumption that the representation is residually distinguishable, meaning that the characters of its residual decomposition are non-congruent modulo the maximal ideal. However, recent applications of Ribet’s method, such as for the proof of the 2-part of the Brumer-Stark conjecture, have encountered the challenge that the representation we obtain does not satisfy this assumption. In my talk, I describe the limitations of the residually indistinguishable case and conjecture a new general version of Ribet’s lemma in this context, giving a proof in some particular cases.

Physics 119