The Major


First Majors Students are assigned an official faculty advisor by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This occurs after you prepare a long-range plan and declare your first major in mathematics through the Pre-major Advising Center.  A student who has declared a second major or a minor in mathematics will receive formal advising in the department of their first major.  Check here for more information on Advising.

Graduation with Distinction

Math majors with strong academic records and the desire to pursue original research in mathematics and its applications are encouraged to write a Senior Thesis and apply for Graduation with Distinction.  Check here for more information.

Independent Study

An independent study course offers you the opportunity for advanced study in an area of mathematics not usually covered in a regular course. Students can conduct two types of independent study with the department:  Research Independent Study and Non-research Independent Study.  Check here for more information.

Awards & Scholarships

The department offers awards to honor outstanding students in our program.  See here for more details.

Photo of students who received Math Awards in 2018