2016 PhD Graduates

Leverson graduate

Six graduate students participated in the May 15, 2016 graduation ceremonies to celebrate earning their PhDs in Mathematics. Their thesis topics were impressive and varied, and reflected the breadth of study in the department. Their advisors and dissertation titles were as follows:

Humberto Diaz: Advisor, Chadmark Schoen, Aspects of Motives: Finite--dimensionality, Chow-Künneth Decompositions and Intersections of Cycles

Caitlin June Leverson: Advisor, Lenhard Ng, Augmentations and Rulings of Legendrian Links

Harrison David Parke Potter: Advisor Thomas P. Witelski, Modeling Temperature Dependence in Maragoni-driven Thin Films

Nihal Ezgi Temamogullari: Advisor: Michael C. Reed, Mathematical Modeling of Perifusion Cell Culture Experiments

Anil Venkatesh: Advisor: Richard Hain, Triple Products of Eisenstein Series

Kangkang Wang: Advisor, Paul S. Aspinwall, Determinant, Wall Monodromy and Spherical Functor

Five of the newly minted Doctors have arranged jobs in academia, and one in industry. They are soon, or, have all ready started, in the following positions:

Humberto Diaz: University of California, Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor

Caitlin June Leverson: Georgia Institute of Technology, Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellow

Nihal Ezgi Temogullari: University of Texas, Southwestern, Cell Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow

Harrison David Parke Potter: Marietta College, Mathematics, Assistant Professor

Anil Venkatesh: Ferris State University, Mathematics, Assistant Professor

Kangkang Wang: Google, Inc., Software Engineer

Duke University Mathematics is terribly proud of all of them. Bravo!