Daubechies awarded the William Benter Prize at the International Conference on Applied Mathematics

On June 4th, 2018, Professor Ingrid Daubechies was the first female recipient of the William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics.  This prestigious award recognizes outstanding mathematical contributions that have had a direct and fundamental impact on scientific, business, finance and engineering applications. Daubechies is a professor in the departments of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering whose work has ranged from wavelets and the compression of images to applied mathematical algorithms for recognizing art forgeries.  Daubechies has worked to build global mathematics networks and provide better training for scientists and engineers in developing countries, and to encourage greater interest in mathematics among women.

At the five-day International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Professor Daubechies delivered a plenary lecture titled “Biologically relevant distances between morphological surfaces representing teeth and bones” after the prize presentation ceremony.  Duke University professors Robert Calderbank, Sayan Mukherjee, and Hau-Tieng Wu were also speakers at the conference.  More information about the conference here.

Press Release from City University of Hong Kong
William Benter Prize in Applied Mathematics