Hirsch and Su win 2023 Rudin Prize

2023 Rudin Prize Winners
Langxuan Su (left) and Sven Hirsch (right)

Sven Hirsch and Langxuan Su have won the 2023 Rudin Prize for Outstanding PhD Dissertation from the Duke Mathematics Department.

The award was established in 2020 is in honor of Mary Ellen Rudin and Walter Rudin. Mary Rudin taught in the Duke Mathematics Department and went onto further positions at the University of Rochester and the University of Wisconsin. Walter Rudin received his BA and PhD from Duke in Mathematics; his classic textbooks on analysis have been very influential for many generations of mathematicians.

Winners of the Rudin Prize are selected based on the originality and significance of the results in their theses as well as the quality of exposition of the presentation.

Hirsch and Su share the 2023 Rudin Prize. Hirsch's dissertation uses analysis and differential geometry to prove results relating to general relativity and curvatures in higher dimensions. Su's thesis uses stochastic analysis and probability theory to make important contributions on understanding how the influence of random noise spreads through partial differential equations or other dynamical systems.


For more information, see https://math.duke.edu/graduate/rudin-prize


Congratulations to Sven and Langxuan!