Julia Dale Award

The Julia Dale winners for 2016 are Lindsey Brown, Bryan Liu and Paul Ziquan Yang. Each of these students excelled in upper level and graduate math courses and wrote an innovative senior thesis. Under the direction of Mike Reed and Bill Pardon, Brown used techniques of combinatorics and algebraic topology to extend the research of Carina Curto (Duke Ph.D. 2005) on sound localization in barn owls. She will attend the graduate program in applied mathematics at Harvard. Liu made advances in the program of Anita Layton to study the mechanics of the kidney. He will enter the Statistics graduate program and the University of California, Berkeley. Yang discovered new results on elliptic curves on products of projective space under the direction of Chad Schoen. He will enter the math graduate program at Harvard this fall.
From the many nominees for the first year Julia Dale Award, David Geng and Weiyao Wang were selected for their excellent scholarship early in their mathematical career. We wish each continued success as they continue their education.
Julia Dale taught at Duke for several years before her untimely death in 1936. Friends and relatives established a fund in her name to honor the most distinguished students in mathematics. http://www.math.duke.edu/news/awards/dale/index.html