The Simons Foundation Flatiron Institute Names Auditorium after Ingrid Daubechies

Ingrid Daubechies

The Flatiron Institute, an internal research division of the Simons Foundation, is a community of scientists whose mission is to advance scientific research through modern computational methods including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation.  Ingrid Daubechies played an instrumental role in the conception of the institute in 2012, when she proposed the notion of a center devoted to data analysis.  Since then the Flatiron Institute has grown to over 150 scientists working across computational centers focused on tackling problems in astrophysics, biology, mathematics and quantum physics.

Ingrid Daubechies with othersThe newly named Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium will be a hub for collaboration, which goes right along with Daubechies' work.  She has connected evolutionary biology with geometry, classical paintings with wavelets.  Teamwork and collaborations are important to her, both in research and in personal relationships.  "I just care about community," she says.

You can read the Flatiron Institute's article about the dedication here, and more about Daubechies in Making Wavelets: A Profile of Ingrid Daubechies.