Locality of the windowed local density of states


Loring, TA; Lu, J; Watson, AB


We consider a generalization of local density of states which is “windowed” with respect to position and energy, called the windowed local density of states (wLDOS). This definition generalizes the usual LDOS in the sense that the usual LDOS is recovered in the limit where the position window captures individual sites and the energy window is a delta distribution. We prove that the wLDOS is local in the sense that it can be computed up to arbitrarily small error using spatial truncations of the system Hamiltonian. Using this result we prove that the wLDOS is well-defined and computable for infinite systems satisfying some natural assumptions. We finally present numerical computations of the wLDOS at the edge and in the bulk of a “Fibonacci SSH model”, a one-dimensional non-periodic model with topological edge states.


Loring, T. A., J. Lu, and A. B. Watson. “Locality of the windowed local density of states.” Numerische Mathematik 156, no. 2 (April 1, 2024): 741–75. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00211-024-01400-3.
Numerische Mathematik

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