2017 PhD Graduates


Seven graduate students received their Phd in mathematics at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony:

Philip Andreae: [Advisor:Mark Stern] Analytic Torsion, the Eta Invariant, and Closed Differential Forms on Spaces of Metrics

Brian Fitzpatrick: [Advisor:Paul Aspinwall] Complete Mirror Pairs and Their Naive Stringy Hodge Numbers

Hangjie Ji [Advisor:Thomas Witelski] Thin Films with Non-conservative Effects

Trang Nguyen [Advisor:Stephanos Venakides] Solitons in Exciton-Polariton System:Reduced Modelling, Analysis, and Numerical Studies

Yu Pan [Advisor:Lenhard Ng] Augmentations and exact Lagragian cobordisms

Henri Roesch [Advisor:Hugh Bray] Proof of a Null Penrose Conjecture Using a New Quasi-local Mass

Rujie Yin [Advisor:Ingrid Daubechies] High Dimensional Signal Representation