DMM 2020

Math Meet 2020 winners

As COVID-19 disrupted school life throughout the world, DUMU responded by hosting the 2020 Duke Math Meet online this past Halloween, October 31st.  Roughly 450 students from over 80 teams around the country participated in the 2020 Duke Math Meet.  Because of the 12-hour time difference, four ITCCC teams from Beijing were permitted to participate late Saturday evening.

The Power Round, Team Round, and Individual Round proceeded as normal with the aid of the submission platform Gradescope.  For the Devil Round, teams had to estimate answers to questions such as guessing "the age of the oldest structure still in operation at Duke University."  Only the Relay Round had to be dropped. 

The first place team was The Jigglypuff Attacked from Thomas Jefferson HSST:  Austin Feng, Eric Kim, Samuel Wang, David Wei, Alan Vladmiroff, and Isabella Zhu.

In the individual rankings, Samuel Wang from Thomas Jefferson HSST (Virginia) came in first.  Tied for second were Ethan Zhou and Kevin Xia from Bonnie Branch Math Circle (Maryland) and Isaac Zhu from NCSSM (Durham).  Fifth place went to Tianyue Daniel Cao from PRISMS (New Jersey).

Many thanks to the DMM organizers Daniel Hwang, Steven Li, Yijia Liu, Feng Cong, Haoyang Yu, and the many other Duke students who created and graded the problems.

To see the rest of the rankings, as well as the problems and solutions from the meet, click HERE.