New SIAM Chapter at Duke Mathematics!

SIAM officers

SIAM is the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. We formed this chapter to promote collaboration, interdisciplinary activities, and fellowship between graduate students in the Mathematics and other related departments. Our newly formed chapter is already hard at work planning the annual Math Slam department recruitment event and organize the Triangle Area Graduate Mathematics Conference (with the help of the AMS student chapter.)

We are also actively recruiting more members to our student chapter. Membership includes many benefits including discounts on SIAM books and free subscriptions to many SIAM publications and career information. SIAM also provides travel support for the SIAM Annual conference.

We also have a website for the chapter on the department page. It is under construction currently.

President: Hangie Ji

VP and Webmaster: Shan Shan

Secretary: Sarah Ritchey

Treasurer: Jessica Leete

Faculty Advisor: Tom Witelski