Triangle Area Graduate Mathematics Conference (TAGMac)

mingling students

On Sunday April 23, the Duke mathematics department hosted the fourth Triangle Area Graduate Mathematics Conference (TAGMaC). The event was cosponsored by the graduate student AMS and SIAM chapters along with the Information Initiative at Duke (iiD). Math graduate students from across the Triangle area (Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State) were invited to give 20 minute talks about their research. The topics ranged across all mathematical disciplines, from computational fluid mechanics to categorification of knot invariants. The conference attracted over 50 attendees  and included almost 30 student speakers. The plenary talk was given by UNC Professor Dave Rose, who graduated with his PhD from Duke's math department in 2012. The co-organizers for the conference were Hangjie Ji, Robert Ravier, Sarah Ritchey, Shan Shan, and Dmitry Vagner.   TAGMaC was founded at NC State by graduate students Daniel Bernstein, Eva Brayfindley, Amanda Laubmeier, Molly Lynch, and Kristen Moody and faculty advisers Radmila Sazdanovic and Seth Sullivant. The goal of TAGMaC is for students in the graduate mathematics departments in the Triangle Area to come together as a mathematical community to share in our various mathematical experiences and endeavors. NC State hosted the first two TAGMaC conferences in 2015 and UNC Chapel Hill hosted the third TAGMaC event in 2016. Dmitry Vagner